ISO 27001/2005-certification for Nagpur Enroute ATC Centre

Monday, April 22, 2013

Nagpur Enroute ATC Centre has obtained ISO 27001:2005 certificate in recognition of its conformance to information security management system with respect to operations and maintenance of the modernised Air Navigation Services facilities.
The Nagpur Enroute ATC Centre is the first to become the ISO 27001 certified ATC centre in India.
The Nagpur Enroute ATC centre controls the central part of the country and is considered to be the most complex ACC in India as major north-south and east-west domestic/ international routes pass through it. As many as 18 Domestic Routes, 9 International Routes and 40 Conflict points in the Nagpur Airspace render provision of ATS complex. Earlier, aircraft on these routes were not getting preferred levels due to crossing traffic and traffic congestion at same levels. To overcome the bottlenecks, the Center has been equipped with MSSR and state-of-the-art ATS Automation systems with surveillance feeds from Bhopal, Hyderabad, Jharsaguda and Nagpur Radars integrated to provide extended surveillance up to 400 NM and the required redundancy.
Taking advantage of the enhanced surveillance coverage, a reduced spacing of 40 NM has been introduced on route W20 which is a busy domestic route from Delhi to Bengaluru/ Chennai.
The reduction in horizontal spacing from ten minutes (equivalent to 80 miles) to forty miles on route W20 has resulted in the allocation of optimum cruising levels for more number of aircraft on this route. With the help of ICAO IFSET Tool, annual fuel savings are estimated to be 2.37 million kg with reduction in Carbon emissions to the tune of 7.49 million Kg.
Having successfully modernized and achieved substantial benefits in terms of enhanced safety, fuel savings and reduction in carbon emission, it is vital that security of critical information/data pertaining to CNS/ATM facilities  is protected at all points of time.  Considering the need for such an information security, the Airport Director Nagpur took up the challenging process of conforming to ISO 27001 requirements for the ANS facilities. The ANS facilities assessed for the ISO 27001 standard include the MSSR, ILS, DVOR and the ATM automation system.
The automation system consists of Radar Data Compressor Unit, Surveillance Data Processor, Safety Nets Processor, Flight Data Processor, Electronic Flight Strip System, Data Recording Facility and Situation Data Display .The System performs complex Multi-Sensor Surveillance Data Tracking and Fusion, Safety Nets (STCA, APW, and MSWA), 4-D Trajectory Prediction and Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD) functions involving application of High Level languages and operating Systems. The demanding functions call for secure and reliable data/information.
ISO 27001 is a standard in the field of information security and provides methodology for the implementation of information security in an organization.  Conformance to ISO 27001 calls for systematically examining CNS/ATM information security risk vulnerabilities and impacts designing a comprehensive set of security controls to address the unacceptable risk and adopting a process to ensure that the security controls improve the organisation’s information security on a continual basis. 
The ISO 27001 standard

  • Provides an opportunity to identify and manage risks to essential information and systems.
  • Provides credibility and satisfaction to all the stakeholders.
  • Enhances organizational image globally.

On the whole, the young & motivated workforce ,holistic improvements in work environment, latest equipment and conformance of ANS  operations to ISO 27001  have immensely contributed to enhanced Security of Data ,Safety, Efficiency and  Capacity not only around the critical airspace around Nagpur, but across the entire Indian airspace.
The ANS initiatives in India in general and the improvements  at Nagpur in particular vindicate AAI’s continuing commitment to excellence in ANSP Management and its growing stature as a major ANSP in the region.