ICAO Asia Pacific Regional Office, Bangkok appreciates Airports Authority of India Executives during AIDC Seminar

Monday, November 3, 2014

It was a proud moment for Airports Authority of India (AAI) for receiving appreciation from

ICAO Asia Pacific during special session conducted to recognize the contributions made by

Anurag Sharma, Jt.GM (CNS) and Dr. G. Manish, Jt. ATM (ATM) in developing the PAN

Regional AIDC ICD and their active participation in the AIDC seminar held from 28th to 31st

October, 2014 at Bangkok.


While actively participating in the Inter-Regional AIDC Task Force (IRAIDC) meetings,

Airports Authority of India had taken keen interest in the process of developing the ICAO

PAN Regional ICD for AIDC. Extensive efforts were made by AAI representatives with

active support from ICAO APAC, NAT and other members of the Task Force. The “PAN

Regional ATS Interfacility Data Communication ICD Version 1.0” was completed and

adopted by APANPIRG/25 and is to be adopted by NAT SPG in the upcoming meeting in

November 2014.