Civil Aviation Training College (CATC), India gets the Prestigious ICAO Trainair plus Full Membership status.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Civil Aviation Training College, Allahabad, the premier training Organization of Airports Authority of India for training CNS-ATM professionals gets the coveted Trainair Plus full membership status on the 10th June 2013, after successfully completing all the requirements including production of a Standardized Training Package.  Trainair Plus full membership status will play a vital role in the development and sharing of valuable course materials permitting CATC Allahabad to meet its mandate and challenges with regard to training activities.  The competency acquired by CATC’s course developers and use of standardized training methodology contained in the ICAO Trainair Plus Training Development guide – Competency-based Training Methodology (Doc 9941), which embraces the members of ICAO competency based approach, will surely enhance the quality of training courses developed by the college.


The award of the Trainair Plus full membership follows an extensive ICAO assessment of CATC including its facilities, Organizational structure, Training aids, curricula, Instructors, Training records, computer based training capability, Simulators and quality assurance program.  An on-site assessment was also carried out by ICAO to validate the evidences provided by CATC in the above areas.  Successful demonstration of the above activities helped India obtain the Trainair Plus Associate membership last year and on production of the required first Standardized Training Package (STP), Trainair Plus full membership was conferred on CATC.


    Authority of India has embarked on many CNS-ATM infrastructure ATM improvements to handle the challenges of growing air traffic safely and efficiently but standardized and quality training of Controllers and Maintenance personnel will be the key for ensuring that CNS-ATM improvement initiatives yield the desired results.  The Trainair Plus full membership will provide the required impetus in grooming the next generation aviation professionals of India to meet the challenges of the aviation industry.  The recent ATC Global Awards for the environmental initiatives and the overall ATM improvement initiatives in India and the Trainair Plus full membership for maintaining very high standard of training vindicate India’s growing stature as a major ANSP in the region.