AAI bags the International Jane’s ATC Award 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Airports Authority of India as an Air Navigation Service Provider
has won the prestigious Jane’s Award for the year 2012 for achieving the best
Operational Efficiency through its upper airspace harmonization program. The
award was presented to AAI in an impressive ceremony at Amsterdam on the 5th
March 2012 in the presence of CEOs and top executives of major ANSPs of the
Jane’s ATC Awards have established a reputation for recognizing and
rewarding excellence within air traffic control industry. India had sent in the
nomination for the coveted Jane’s Award under the operational efficiency
category featuring Indian upper airspace harmonization program. The upper
airspace harmonization program involves redesigning the airspace to increase
airspace capacity through operation of multiple ATC sectors enabled by ATS
Automation, networking of Radars and VHF frequencies. The redesigned
airspace would cater for future growth of air traffic and contribute to
enhancedefficiency and safety. The redesigning of airspace is being taken up in
phases in the 4 FIRs with Chennai FIR being the first one.
Our entry focused on achievements/benefits associated with upper
airspace restructuring ofChennai FIR as it has been completed and commissioned
in September 2011.
The salient features of upper airspace harmonization in Chennai FIR
include complete ATM Automation, Operation of one Upper ACC Center with 5
dynamic sectors from Chennai enabled by successful integration of 10 Radars,
cross‐coupling of VHF frequencies and implementation of AIDC. Some of the
benefits are marked improvement in ATM operationalefficiency, availability of
user preferred flight profile, on‐time performance of aircraft and increased
airspace capacity. The restructuring of Air space in Chennai FIR alone would
result in Fuel Savings of 22.3 Million Litersper Annum to the Operators on a
conservative estimate, apart from substantial reduction in Carbon emission.
Similar nominations on the Category of Operational Efficiency from
various ANSPs across the world were assessed by a high level panel of judges
from Federal Aviation Administration, ICAO, Euro‐Control, CANSO, IATA and
Jane’s. Airports Authority of India was initially short‐listed along with Russia and
The defining moment was witnessed on 5th March 2012 at
Amsterdam, when the Jane’s award, out of these short‐listed entries, was
conferred on AAI, drawing appreciation and glowing tributes from major ANSPs
of the world.Mr. V. Somasundaram, Member (Air Navigation Services) received
the prestigious award on behalf of AAI to a well‐deserved standing ovation.
The award not only adds another feather on the cap of AAI but also marks
the rare distinction of AAI being the leader among many major ANSPs in
achieving ATM operational efficiency.