Online Flight Planning- General guidelines

Welcome! is a FREE service which assists in creating/filing IFR/VFR flight
plans, obtaining a weather briefing and provides with a Pre Flight Information Bulletin (PFIB) for flights
operating within Indian FIR.
Any domestic operator can file their flight plan throughout Indian continental Airspace by just
click of button. Visit our new website or or
We have strived to make this website easy and flexible to use. Pilots/aircraft operators have to
register themselves on the website in order to avail the services. The registration is a one-time
process and a welcome e-mail stating user-id and password will be sent to the registered email
address after authentication and verification by the system administrator.

Benefits by Online Flight Planning:
1. Faster & Convenient.
2. Instantaneous Error checking (validation for correctness of FPL format)
3. Cost effectiveness
4. Time saving
5. Reliability
6. Mobility
7. Environment friendly
8. No additional software downloads required for availing this service

All queries related to online flight planning may please be mailed to