GAGAN Updates

Airports Authroity of India in coordination with Association of Chambers of Commerce (ASSOCHAM)  jointly conducted a User Interaction programme on 10th March 2014 on utilisation of GAGAN services . Various Aviation and Non-Avaition user communities like Indian Airforce, General Aviation, Helicopter operation, Pilots, Airline operators, Indian Navy, National Remote Sensing Agency, Survey of india, Shipping Corporation of India, GAGAN/GPS Receivers providers, GNSS Asia, Raytheon etc. participated in the programme.

GAGAN Siganal-In-Space is now availabe to support RNP 0.1 operations in En-Route phase of flight over entire Indian Flight Information Region since 0430UTC on 14th Feb 2014.

System Stability Test for GAGAN for a period of 30 days starting from 29th May 2013 has been successfully completed. The result of the test ensured that the system software is operating in a stable manner and properly switches over to redundant equipment when sub-systems fail. The Test also demonstated that the system met the specified Integrity, Accuracy, Availability and continuity criteria.

Redefining Navigation

GAGAN, (GPS-aided geo-augmented navigation) the Indian SBAS (Satellite based augmentation system) is a project jointly undertaken by the Airports Authority of India and ISRO to achieve smooth transition to satellite based navigation and seamless air traffic management across continents. GAGAN is designed to provide improved accuracy, availability, and integrity necessary to enable users to rely on GPS for all phases of flight, from en route through approach for all qualified airports within the GAGAN service volume.