ATM Publications

Title Subject Status Publication year
ATMC 05 OF 2011

Procedure for opening, closing and extension of ATC watch

Cancelled 2011
ATMC 04 OF 2011

Handling of Traffic on Reciprocal Track

Cancelled 2011
ATMC 03 of 2011

Selection, Duties and Responsibilities of Jt. GM/DGM (SQMS) & (Training)

Cancelled 2011
ATMC 02 of 2011

Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (ASMGCS)/ Surface Movement Radar (SMR) Training and Rating

Cancelled 2011
ATMC 02 OF 2010

Proficiency Assessment of Air Traffic Controllers

Cancelled 2010
ATMC 01 of 2009

Introduction of ATMC in place of ATMIC

Current 2009