Posting of Officer in C-ATFM


This national operational C-ATFM office, called as the C.C.C. (Central Command & Control Centre), is located on the 4thFloor, New ATS Complex, I.G.I Air por t, New Delhi and is headed
by the E.D. (ATFM), - CHQ, Rajiv Gandhi Shawan, New Delhi.

The competent authority has directed to operationalize the and to post suitable ATM  officers in ATFM C.C.C., New Delhi. The statUs of these officers so posted, will be as follows-

1) The ATM officers posted to C-ATFM - C.C.C.,New Delhi will be reporting to the G.M.,. (ATM-ATFM/I.P.G) at CHQ. .

2) These off icers place of duty will be the Central Command & Control Centre which is located at 4thFloor, New ATS Complex, I.G.I Air port, New Delhi ,

3) These officers are posted under the strength of CHQ, and will be drawing pay and allowances at CHQ. .

4) The administrative and operational control of officers posted to C-ATFM is same as other ATM officers'posted at the CHQ, New Delhi.